Hiking in Palm Springs – The ‘Bump & Grind Trail’ – Things you can do in Palm Springs

Hiking in Palm Springs – The ‘Bump & Grind Trail’ – Things you can do in Palm Springs

As being a a newcomer inhabitant to Palm Springs, CA, one of the greatest awkward phrases I heard: “You gotta perform ‘bump-n-grind.'” After smiling nicely and drifting within the suggestor(s), I had been relieved to eventually identify the “bump and grind” could be a Palm Springs hiking trail preferred among locals as being a great routine workout. “It’s behind the objective.”

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Thinking a enjoyable scenic hiking trail couldn’t exist behind a power outlet, I had been skeptical. This should actually be a dust road and not a hiking trail. Despite the fact that I am a girl, possibly this trail is simply too girly. I like an uncomfortable work-out. However was amazed after i contacted the street eventually, centered on learning the bump and grind needed its name, plus it was immediately intrigued.

It’s behind the objective. Inside glasgow- Rancho Mirage, off Highway 111 and Fred Waring Dr., behind Desert Crossing Shopping Mall is Painter’s Path. The street begins Painter’s Path. It first seems as being a slightly elevated hill… speculate your eyesight continue with the well-worn pathways, you will notice the pathways disappear behind rocky, mountain-like terrain.

Immediately, I place two separate trails Body left, one right. I am going right. There’s company along the way. As outlined above, this really is frequently a well known trail with locals, just as one morning hrs work-out, or late mid-day activity. It is not only a stroll of solitude.

I am ready for your hike – it is a warm springtime day and brightly sunny. I put on an easy extended sleeved hoodie, shades and hat. Most people are outfitted exactly the same or put on shorts and tanks. In case you sunburn easily, choose sleeves. There is no shade – just you, rocks and vibrant sun. Canned water may be beneficial too.

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After applying sunscreen, obtaining the hood of my hoodie and modifying my shades, I am prepared to hike. Until part of my hiking group states, “You peer such as the Una-bomber.” Ouch. Reluctant to stay in comparison with Ted Kaczynski by other master, I surrender to my fashionista side and take pointed out hoodie. Extra sun-screen works okay. And, should you ponder over it, nobody over 12 years should put on a hoodie anyway.

As we walk, the street is narrow initially. You have to stop every so often allowing others pass within the alternative way. This trail does widen up, allowing 2 people to walk side-by-side eventually.

Landscape is excellent (this can be a Palm Springs bump and grind hiking trail pic within the phone camera)… nonetheless the path is in the middle of a major city, so you will be careful onto Palm Springs. Go sufficient along with the city noises quiet lower. It’s nice to listen to wind and foot-steps. Make ear-buds out and such as the symphony of father time.